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Its not just us that says Corrie is getting silly...

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trt | 22:19 Mon 11th Jul 2011 | Film, Media & TV
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From the Express today. It seems the new Guy is getting it wrong!!!!!


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I've just read the link and agree with every word. I gave up watching corrie about 3 weeks ago and don't miss it at all.
I still watch it, but am totally fed up with the silly storylines.
putting Michelle Collins in charge of the Rovers is a bit like putting Julie Goodyear in the Vic!
Really can't understand people watching TV progs that they don't enjoy watching- it's not compulsory, you know!
Have to agree, they are losing the plot and spoiling what has always been something reasonable to watch and follow, escapism tv. When people start switching off because it gets unreasonable and unbelievable even if just a fantasy, then that's the time to shake it up. New brooms don't always sweep clean, they can miss the point and not take the viewers into consideration as seems to have been the case with Corrie.

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Its not just us that says Corrie is getting silly...

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