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Skyfall....Oh dear..potential for spoilers

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KerrAvon | 11:33 Thu 01st Nov 2012 | Film, Media & TV
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Saw Skyfall last night and as an avid Bond fan I was totally disappointed, wrong on so many levels. They completely ignored the Bond formula and turned it into a Poor Bourne impersonation. if I'd never seen or heard of Bond I'd have given it 6/10 as a reasonable action thriller, slow in places but against Bond criteria, sorry guys 3/10. Note to Barbara B, hire me as a consultant next time, in fact I'd do it for free, we need to sort this out! What do others think?


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At last, someone else who didn't like it! It is one of those films that you watch, expecting it to start, then you realise that that's all there is, a bit like I felt watching a Peter Kaye concert, all warm-up!
As well as Bourne, there was a bit of Harry Potter in there, the orphan boy whose life has been influenced by the death of his parents, I half expected a last min revelation that his Mother hadn't in fact died with his Father but was .....................!
Cannot comment on the Film as I have not seen it.
I do like Daniel Craig as an Actor though and the 'Trailers' for Skyfall look good
I haven't enjoyed a Bond film for a long time, but enjoy the Bourne series, so there is hope yet.
I saw it last night, but yes was disappointed also (sorry excel). Only went for OH, he enjoyed it, but said it wasn't the best. Anyway, I just sat and drooled over Daniel Craig !
that's alright chaptazbru.

we are all entitled to our opinions.

happy day to you.
Hi excel, computer still hanging on in there ?.

takes ages to get going, as it freezes before completing log-in, then once in .. freezes after a few minutes (i'm expecting it to freeze any moment now)

i have decided to look around this weekend for a new one.
Happy day to you too excel.
Hope you find one, excel.
Question Author
have I posted this in chatterbank by mistake?
No KerrAvon. I think CBers have have strayed into Media and TV.
I haven't seen the film yet but I was looking forward to it.
"Have I posted this in chatterbank by mistake ?"

Oooo sarcastic !!!!!
I shall go just to spend a couple of hours drooling over Daniel Craig (like Chap ^ ). I don't care whether the film is good or bad!!! (But I like Adele and the theme tune too!!!!)
Yes, he's well worth drooling over Lottie !
I have never seen a Bond film yet!! Not bad for someone well into their 60's. But I shall make an exception for this one because it would seem to be different from others. I have seen bits of the others on television but not my cup of tea at all.
LoftyLottie, I too am in my 7th decade, sounds far worse, and I've never seen a Star Wars film, a Star Treck episode, an Eastenders, an X-factor, a Big Brother nor a Lord of the Rings!
Well written, well acted, beautifully shot and a Director who has the skill to frame action scenes with a bit of artistry.

Javier Bardem, Craig, Fiennes and Dench all excellent.

And for once, Bond was connected to our real world (a la Bourne) e.g. scenes in London Underground - not just a fantasy parallel universe.

Overall a top class production
Question Author
I agree up to a point zeuhl, the film, as a film was not too bad but as a Bond film, terrible. It's like making Robin hood without all the attendant characters and situations, quite possible to make a decent film but don't call it a Robin Hood film.
that there is only one Bond and that was Sean Connery.
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Skyfall....Oh dear..potential for spoilers

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