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Ruby's GCSE results ?

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dothawkes | 20:52 Thu 25th Aug 2005 | Film, Media & TV
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How could a girl, who had survived her house burning down and losing her mum and sister, been ignored by her undemonstrative father, and had a crush on a Moon brother, possibly get 4 A*, 3 As and a B, don't tell EvilGoblin!


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have you not been reading the papers or watching the news? a secretary marked her papers, or possibly rosie miller works for an exams board.
Or Keith Miller?

It prooves that the GCSEs are getting easier

NOw when I were a lad and we had proper O levels - they were hard - not like today

She goes to a proper school where you pay fees and get a decent education, where the children are made to study and are pushed hard to excel, where achievement is treasured and encouraged, where respect for education is taught. Not your run of the mill state school.
coz jonny allens her dad and her probably threatened her the examination board

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Ruby's GCSE results ?

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