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Did You Rememer Her?

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lynbrown | 09:37 Tue 30th Sep 2014 | Film, Media & TV
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On Sunday's Downton, Lord Crawley spoke to a woman in the village who took her son to visit his father's grave. This is the same actress who was married to Kevin in 2000 and they lost their baby. She subsequently ran under a lorry.


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Yes, we recognised her to. Didnt think it was that long since she was in Corrie.
Naomi Radcliffe was the actress and she played two parts in Coronation Street: a Secretary in 1996 and then the regular part of Alison Webster from 1998 to 2000.
She was also in "Born and Bred"
I thought you meant she ran under a lorry in Downton Abbey!
Yes I was puzzled too - as lyn didn't mention Corrie in her post! Couldn't think of a Kevin in Downton! I understand now, good job beejay was on the ball.:)
That's the third ex-Corrie character in Downton.

Rob James-Collier (Thomas) who played Liam Connor
Joanne Froggat (Anna) who played Zoe Tattersall.
Good shout, Obiter. Plus Catherine Kelly went to Mr Selfridge and Sarah Lancashire to The Paradise (BBC, so odd one out). All period dramas to which the actors made credible transitions, easily overcoming type-casting and single-character identification problems.

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Did You Rememer Her?

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