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Paedophile Catchers Documentary

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Henrietta | 14:11 Wed 01st Oct 2014 | Film, Media & TV
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Did anyone see that bit on Paedophile "catchers" on This Morning this morning?

Where people pose as underage kids to trap paedophiles and then post their photos on a site? The documentary is meant to be on but I don't know when it is.

Does anyone know when it's on?


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It's on tonight at 10pm on Ch4.
this guy is local to where i live & there is a lot of interest & mixed op's about what he does

i'd have to search it out but we had one guy come in who was adamant he was innocent & got stitched up
There's also a really good film based on real events in the US. It's called Defending Our Kids: The Julie Posey Story, it's a bit "made for TV", but I really liked it.

I'm planning on watching the programme tonight.
The catcher and his 2 dudes look well...dodgy.
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Thanks all. I'll catch that later.

Jomlett just goes to show you should never judge a book by it's cover :)
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"Peter thought he was meeting an 18-year-old, and insists he is not a paedophile or child groomer. Only when he was waiting in the cafe did a text come through saying "she" was 15 and that he immediately got up and left."

Yeah riiight.

I'm pretty sure these paedophile hunters don't target adults trying to find partners of a legal age which wouldn't be illegal/not news at all and would land them in hot water for harassment.

Why is he in hiding? He should have the full log of the conversation or the police/computer expert would be able to get it and clear his "Innocence"

I can't wait until later. Thanks for the replies and have a nice afternoon everyone :)
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Just found this "Staffordshire police reviewed the evidence and concluded there was no case for any prosecution,"

Well then the guy who made the accusation should be prosecuted!

How did he make a mistake of calling someone a paedophile when they weren't when the very nature of his hobby is to gather facts and proof before going public?

Oh well.
i remember the guy coming in - his version was (if i remember rightly) that he was in a chat room and got talking to a girl who said she was 18/19 & they arranged to meet for a drink, then when they were about to meet he got told she was 15 and he left then.

I remember him being in very upset & because it had been put on line people where giving him & his family abuse

I don't know the truths of that situation but there is his version of events which were investigated & he wasn't prosecuted but his life was wrecked.

I just find it scary that you can put someones name & call them a paedophile & people just jump all over it without knowing the facts
I wasn't entirely convinced that the Tech Guys shades/baseball cap combo worked.
Hasn't somebody committed suicide very recently because he was accused of being a paedophile by a vigilante?

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Paedophile Catchers Documentary

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