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Strictly..whose Turn This Week?

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ethandron | 19:18 Fri 05th Dec 2014 | Film, Media & TV
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So, who will be out tomorrow, any guesses?
Now that the ones who obviously were never going to win have all gone, I reckon it's a close call.
An all girl final perhaps? Do Jake or Simon stand a realistic chance of lifting the Glitter Ball with three strong girl contenders??
Exciting innit??? ;o)


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Maybe Mark, hope not tho, I like him but he is the weakest IMO.

Hoping Jake gets a better routine this week.
I also think that Mark might be going this week
The whole lot!
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I'd forgotten all about mark, just saw him on takes two. I agree, I think he'll be the one to go. Jakes routine last week didn't do him any favours did it?
The dance they have makes or breaks them I think it will be between Pixie and Frankie, Jake had his finest moment in the opening round and has gone of the boil!
Agree it might be Mark. Simon is good at the waltz.
I still want Jake to win, but I doubt he will now, unless he pulls of an amazing routine in the final! I too feel Mark will go this week, but I like him and feel he's got better and better.

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Strictly..whose Turn This Week?

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