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Idris Elba

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tezmand | 19:19 Sun 15th Jan 2017 | Film, Media & TV
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discovery channel tuesday 10pm not to be missed if you an idris fan ! hes doing 3 episodes of his kick boxing fight so hes mainly in shorts !!!!! lol


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Has he not got down in your estimation by offering himself for sale Tez ;-)
Question Author
hell no never !!!lol
What have you bid?
Question Author
i havnt . i adore him as you know but id die if i met him im far too shy ,
Good for you, he is lovely.
Well hellooooooo!! Mr Smow teases me mercilessly about my reaction whenever Idris is on TV. Apparently I'm practically drooling , which I've strenuously denied obviously.
but id die if i met him im far too shy ,

Wot, leave it out, tez. Your a West Brom gal ain't ya ;-)
Question Author
Lol yes tonyav I'm a west brom gal but still very shy
he's mine..mine!! paws off !
Question Author
Murraymints cant we share ??
one yam each, eh ladies?
Question Author
That will do me
What about me??
Question Author
First come first served lol
Girls, girls - fighting over yams is so unseemly.

You'll be barred from the market soon.
Question Author
Ok I'll just have him to myself then x
Ok one of you can have the legs, one can have the arms and I'll have everything in between ! : ) : )

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Idris Elba

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