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Laptop Got Slow And Keep On Hanging

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abdulkadir1 | 13:12 Tue 21st Nov 2017 | Film, Media & TV
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My laptop fell from table and now it keep on hanging after use of sometime. some noise is also coming from inside like from hard drive and as soon the noise starts the laptop gets slow and later gets hanged.


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Difficult to say without actually looking, but it could be simply that the fall has dislodged the heatsink from the CPU and, without that, the machine overheats after a while.

Easy enough to fix if that's the problem and you are happy about opening the case...
Like Dave above, I'm seeing the classic symptoms of overheating there. (i.e. working well fort a while and then, after a time, slowing down and/or freezing).

Further, there are very few moving parts (to make a noise) inside a laptop. What you've described is (thankfully) unlike a hard drive problem, so that only leaves the fan (which also ties in well with the overheating theory).

Probably all that's needed is to open up the case and to reseat (or possibly replace) the fan. PC World can do it for £50 (assuming that it's a labour-only job, with no need to replace the fan) but a local independent computer shop would probably be able to do it for, perhaps, £30.

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Laptop Got Slow And Keep On Hanging

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