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Should The Bbc Axe Flog It?

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anotheoldgit | 11:18 Wed 03rd Oct 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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Personally I would rather them get rid of the Antique Road show, what a load of snobs.

Although I don't particularly like Paul Martin and I didn't realise he was 59.

Of all the antique shows, personally I enjoy Antique Road Trip, what is your favourite?



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i quite like Flog it, but quite honestly if it went i wouldn't miss it, nor the other myriad antiques shows.
there are plenty of other programmes i would get rid of, but that;s my taste, so others may disagree.
i'd get rid of the inane quiz shows before any of the 'antique' shows

so would i, though i would keep the Chase, that is a good show. Tenable, Impossible, and the others can go as far as i am concerned.
I think a lot of those types of programme have a large following, although they aren't to my personal taste, so if it ain't broke don't fix it. I think a lot of daytime ( and evening) TV is inane and to a very dated format but that's okay i'm not the only person in the country who watches TV so it doesn't have to cater to me and yeah Paul Martin is looking good for nearly 60! Go him!

As long as they get rid of Tim Whataclot I don't care ;o)
Tim Winnacott isn't on Flog it, but Bargain Hunt, confess that has also had its day....
i wouldn't complain if they replaced him with christina trevanion ...
Tim's not done Bargain Hunt for several years now Baldric.

I didn't suggest he was on it emmie.

SM, they are still showing repeats with him it, he was on a few times in Sept.
sorry Baldric...
I'm with you ael.Regards Bargain Hunt, I'd get rid of the silly Natasha Raskin straightaway but as her Husband is a TV producer no chance of that.
I love the Antiques Road Show. They are not snobs, just knowledgeable experts in their field. Some of the finds are still amazing even after all these years. Flog It's OK, but probably
run it's course. In my book, the Antiques Road Trip is cringingly unwatchable, along with Bargain Hunt.
Which just goes to show that you need a broad spectrum of programmes to please everyone.
Quite a while since I watched Flog it and Road Trip, but love Antiques Road Show - some of the stories that ordinary folk learn about their heirlooms are often very informative and sometimes moving.

Especially the military memorabilia.
i still watch the Antiques Roadshow from time to time.
peoples stories can be fascinating. Especially when they discover what the item is worth.
I like the Antique Road Show and Bargain Hunt, but very rarely watch either of them now. I will watch the AR when I have read about it and it says something worth a lot of money is going to be on because I love watching all the reactions.

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Should The Bbc Axe Flog It?

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