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When Is The Film Titled “The Rising “ Due For Release

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glazepta1 | 22:24 Thu 25th Apr 2019 | Film, Media & TV
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Good evening everybody
Please can you help me.
I would like to know if and when the film , regarding the 1916 Easter Rising is due for release, as I heard it has been ongoing for a while now .


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I'm excited about that film as well Glaze- last I heard they were still crowdfunding for post production costs though- so might be a while :(
The original target date for the movie's premiere was St Patrick's Day 2016 but the producers are still struggling to get funding. Any news should appear on the official website (or you could try using the contact form there to see if you can get a response):

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When Is The Film Titled “The Rising “ Due For Release

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