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Love To Watch Challenge Channel On Tv

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CaptainS | 23:50 Mon 19th Aug 2019 | Film, Media & TV
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I'm watching Bullseye at the moment & it's got me thinking,
I know Jim Bowen is sadly departed to Game show heaven, Leslie Crowder 'The price is right' & of course Brucie Forthsife for loads of great game shows are all sadly missed. Can anyone tell me if Ted Rogers from "321" Dusty Bin fame is still with us??
Also any famous 'dead or alive' female Game show presenters??
I can only think of Anne Robinson 'Weakest Link' & Sandy Tocksville (mis-spelt) "15 to 1" ☺


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You can't beat a bit of bully...
Question Author
I was chatting to some work mates the other day (all various ages)
And the long running Game shows were all remembered by the different presenters at different times.
Family Fortunes, I remember Les Dennis & Vernon Kaye. Somebody mentioned Max Bygraves ??
Blankety Blank, I remember Lily Savage & Terry Wogan, someone said Les Dawson ??
I think this is a good way of telling someone's age. Ha ha.
Catchphrase, Roy Walker, someone who broke his leg on the set, Stephen Mulhern at present ☺
Max Bygraves... BIG MONEY!!!
I remember El' tel doing Blankety blank and Les Dawson.
someone who broke his leg on the set, Stephen Mulhern at present

Question Author
And our Survey Says.... AAEERR AAEERR!!

Presented by
Roy Walker (1986–99)
Nick Weir (2000–04)
Mark Curry (2002)
Stephen Mulhern (2013–)
Question Author
Yes of course Mamyalyn, Marc Curry, ex Blue Peter presenter, thanks ☺
At my dad’s house is my old copy of the Runaround quiz book. I loved that show with Mike Reid. I’m still a quiz lover.
Another female quiz master (mistress?) was Julia Bradbury on some awful show whose name I can’t remember.
Question Author
I thought she presented Countryfile?
Not sure what game show she hosted Cloverjo? ☺
Clover, Julia's exciting and timeless quiz show (tongue firmly in cheek!)
Can honestly say I've never bumped into that one.

Slightly more on the format here.
Davina McCall has hosted a few quizzes - The Vault, 5 Minutes to a Fortune and currently (well just ended) £100K Drop.
Question Author
Nice one FoxLee2
How could I have forgotten good old Davina.... thanks ☺

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Love To Watch Challenge Channel On Tv

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