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Gemma Collins To Be In This Next Series Of Dancing On Ice!

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Smowball | 13:35 Sun 22nd Sep 2019 | Film, Media & TV
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I had absolutely no idea they’d signed her up! Am sure she’ll go down great with the judges - not!!


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She's already been on it. Is that an old article?
Question Author
Oh I don’t know lol, I just saw 2019. How did she do??
She was a pain in the backside as usual
Who she?
As well as you'd expect! I think the public kept her in for a few weeks just to watch her embarrassing 'skating'. Can't remember if it was Jason Gardiner but she certainly crossed swords with one of the judges - didn't take criticism very well.
Ah! a so-called celebrity.
That was last series if you look at the posting date (2018)...
...and there was another posting about 2020, I see....
Question Author
If u read the link I posted in the question it says she’s meant to be in it this year too
She might crack the ice!!!!
They are still talking about her 3 stone weight loss from last time!!
Surely they are not asking this horrid woman back again !! Love the show, but not sure I could watch her again ..
Smow...she's meant to be in this year's too. That's 2019...and she WAS in 2019 series at the beginning of this year. The upcoming series is 2020's...alluded to in THECORBYLOON's link..
The face plant was funny though, she is not.
Not sure if anybody has mentioned this series (early 2020) to feature same-sex couple....

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Gemma Collins To Be In This Next Series Of Dancing On Ice!

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