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Agatha Raisin

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cassa333 | 19:37 Sat 08th Feb 2020 | Film, Media & TV
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I wonder if anyone knows when Agatha Raising (season 3) is on again. Or should I say more to the point what channel?

I was told it started on 10th Feb at 9pm on Sky one but it’s not listed.

I shall be out on Monday so won’t even get to see it but I know these things get repeated a zillion time but just finding the channel it’s on has been a runaround for me.



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I can't see a season 3 on sky, only seasons 1 and 2 but info here
Series 3 is no match for 1 & 2. I will be surprised if they make a fourth
I didn't think much (anything) of series 1 and 2....waste of a good idea.
Having read and enjoyed all the Agatha Raisin books I can't take to Ashley Jensen in the role, she just doesn't fit the role
I agree.
I find 'Geektown' website worth looking at for upcoming TV shows
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That link seems to say it starts again on 10th in the US but IMDb says in the UK.

Oh well I’ll just have to wait. I’ve been telling everyone to watch the Deadly Dance to see if they spot me lol

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Agatha Raisin

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