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The Archers - What A Mess!

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moggie 939 | 13:03 Mon 27th Jul 2020 | Film, Media & TV
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I can not find online when The Archers will return to normality after weeks of dull monologues - I have listen to The Archers for 30 years!

If the sops can use trick camera work and carry on 'as normal' why cannot BBC radio with all the modern atechnology edit a sound only show from scripts read by actors at home!


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I agree,Moggie.
Also get the old music back!
Moggie I thoroughly agree, the Sunday omnibus was a ritual for me but I gave up listening to the incredibly boring monologues over a month ago. They add nothing to the story. I don't understand why they can't read their normal scripts either distancing or even in different locations. All the magazine style TV programmes have managed to do it.
I agree and have stopped listening.
Only heard the first two post-Covid progs, that was more than enough. I'll return when things are 'normal'.
Has Philip Moss been nabbed yet?
The Financial Times might not be the first place that you'd look to find entertainingly written comment about The Archers but I think that some people here might rather enjoy reading this piece from Jo Ellison and find themselves in full agreement with it!
they are asking me to subscribe :(
^^^ That's weird, Woofgang. This link will hopefully get you there:
(If not, google 'the archers coronavirus' and click on the first link)

No, that link doesn't work either!

Googling, as I suggested at 1906, should work though!
(It's worth the smal amount of effort. It's an excellent read!)
Claudia Hammond has a different view on the benefits of these programmes:

Scroll down to the short video by Charlotte Martin to see what goes on in actors' homes to produce the isolation broadcasts.

I suspect that actors working through the pandemic are trying to eliminate background noises as much as possible to try and match the professional quality of studio recordings. It probably is more of a challenge than having televison recordings in individuals homes.

Every day is a school day - I did not know that Ryan Kelly (Jazzer) is blind. You can just get a glimpse of his guide dog on the actors' version of Barwick Green.

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The Archers - What A Mess!

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