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The Night Manager Repeats Starts Tonight

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barry1010 | 13:50 Sun 10th Jan 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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I watched it first time round but it is well worth a second watch. I recommend it for the gorgeous scenery alone.
My wife would recommend it for the bare bottom scene


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I would recommend it but can't remember the bare bottom scene !
Where is it being shown please? It's a great series
Hugh Laurie laughably miscast as the villain: scarey and intimidating - not!
Loved this.
BBC iplayer.
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BBC4 9pm
Thanks Barry
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Doh. BBC4 10pm
Very good. If anyone not watched this, I recommend this.
My husband and I were chatting about it earlier, the bottom scene was me!!

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The Night Manager Repeats Starts Tonight

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