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itchycopark | 00:43 Mon 23rd May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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have you noticed in Emmerdale and coronation street the inside shots of rooms always have every light switched on even though "daylight / sun " is coming through the windows ?


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We turn our lights on, even when the sun is shining. It's not against the law.
//It's not against the law.//

Not yet.
No I haven't noticed, but I probably will now. They are not in a real house though, it's a studio and probably needs the lighting.
Just wait till they get the electricity bill with the price increase and not only that there's nobody ever in the pub
I've noticed this too in films. Lamps on and they're not even home!!
Much preferable to the fad of having very dark scenes where you can barely make out what is happening
It's light entertainment.
I think it is required for the viddie

Barry Lyndon, (Kubrick) was the first and only film to use candlelight in the interiors ( dark, it is, and the shadows are correct)

oo-ja beer adverts - black and white recruiting ad for beer
they actually got someone in who had done lighting for black and white films ( aged 120y) - completely difft than for color

just saying

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