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Tm.. Holly And Phillip

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Iamtheoneandonly | 23:32 Fri 12th May 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Do you think they'll split up?
They've been together for 17 years. Would you like to see them removed from TM?


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Couldn't care a stuff
I'm available to support Holly should she feel the need of a steadying arm.

The other one not so much.
Holly says no Doug, but Philip says he will take your steadying arm.
I don’t care. I don’t watch any kind of breakfast telly.
But I dislike Scofield intensely for my waste of money watching him in a West End show in which he made no attempt to put on “a show” for the audience. He just walked on, said his lines and walked off, basically.

I can’t stand the man, and all that silly “coming out” nonsense on live tv. Please! No one cares, except his wife and children.
*crushed* :-(
Oh, just knock their heads together and tell them to get along. (Or there'll be no ice cream for them in the canteen later, after the show.)
Haven't watched itv good morning for years. It was such a load of rubbish. So have no interest whatsoever in Holly and Philip
Bring back those school programmes for daytime tv. Far more informative and amusing that this twaddle.
I agree Barry! Being stuck at home most days I would appreciate some good television . Not a load of rubbish.
All the mincing about he does ever since deciding to be gay, pathetic.
They have both had their day, the show is very tired now. Let’s have a change please ITV.
Question Author
They're both fake, with all that's being said about them and they still carry on, Jesus their close to have sex on TV to try to convince everyone all is good.
Oh THAT'S how you have sex. Explains so much.
just remember to move the rabbit ears aerial off the top of the set first, douglas
All received, thanks. :-)

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Tm.. Holly And Phillip

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