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Malpractice (Itv, 5 Episodes)

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drmorgans | 08:40 Mon 22nd May 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Anyone watch it? I thought it was well done, especially as it raised some of the impossible decisions doctors have to make and the complexities of dealing with drug misuse. The scenario is that an A&E doctor decides to treat a stab victim and hands over the drug overdose patient she had been seeing to a junior doctor, but her instructions weren't totally clear. The drug addict dies and her father may sue hospital.


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I enjoyed it very much.
That's only half the story, though, isn't it. The A&E doctor is herself reliant on drugs to keep her awake in order to do those long shifts. I've watched 2 episodes, so far, but i'll most likely see it to it's conclusion over next couple of days.
I enjoyed it. What a stressful job for junior doctors and all.
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I didn't want to introduce spoilers, suffice to say the plot takes several changes of direction. I thought Lucinda's dependence on drugs, is that different to addiction, was used well for the plot, and treated sympathetically.

I don't think my post was a spoiler, as such, drmorgans. It becomes apparent quite early in the series that Lucinda is reliant on those little pills she keeps hidden under her mattress:-)
I did not like it at first, but persiveard it’s a good series ,
I gave up after 2 episodes. The main woman doctor was getting on my nerves.
LB I felt the same., but you get ‘ used to her ‘ . :-)
How many more episodes do I need to watch before I get used to her AA;-)
Question Author

She never becomes "likeable" but she does stay true to her principles, despite the pressures of the system and her colleagues.
3 and a bit.
Thanks AA/DM. If I'm desperate I might give it another try.

I'm waiting for a new Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders or the Sopranos.
Question Author

That could well be the next ITV's reality show, a group of sick singers are pushed to the limit; Breaking Peaky Sopranos.
havent all those decisively finished LB?
Yes I think they are I'm sorry to say. Saw somewhere we are getting a film of PB though. Don't ask me where:-(
I found it too life like
It happened to MEEEEEE! 1987
10 y o Child severely injured, we opened the chest. Not as horrific as it wounds, child died

then all the coronial ya-ya and lawyers - the staff who had hid in cupboards saying "well quite honestly it didnt look as tho they any clue what they were doing"
why didnt you say anything
Oh I dont regard it as my function to tell senior staff....

AND the san diego research early eighties showing 60% walk out if you do that has been down graded to - - - 2%

and I immediately understood why senior staff run down the corridor screaming - I am not here ! I am not here! whenever a serious emerg comes in.....

(This does NOT apply to tab wounds to the chest for whichi emergency thoracotomy works quite well)

Prof in Brum testified against his own junior staff, which had even the coroner gasping.

O god those were the days !

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Malpractice (Itv, 5 Episodes)

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