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The Archers - Least Favourite Character?

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choux | 13:08 Sun 02nd Jul 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Not sure how many here still follow the Archers regularly, but I would nominate Helen Archer.
No doubt we are in for the long haul of a story line since Rob Titchener is back. Helen is so very pretentious she sets my teeth on edge. She bullies everyone around her - her parents, family, friends, employees and villagers.

As for Lee, her poor sap of a boyfriend/partner, she uses him all the while. She only really cares for her boys, Henry and Jack. The current story is centred on what she would describe as putting Rob straight. Well Rob is going to run rings round her if she cannot cease to be hysterical and out of control! Did they really have that meeting in a Swindon cafe in public earshot of everyone there with not a single person asking if she was ok? PMQ's can be less fraught ;)

How is she the best friend of Kirsty who is modest and level-headed? I am tempted to give up listening after the last fortnight+.


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Oh, Titchener's back? I must start listening again, I've not listened since 2020 when my OH died, oddly, I can't listen to it because it was a part of our lunchtime routine.
Sounds like Helen's not improved though I did dislike the one who went off to South Africa leaving her daughter behind then left her SA family too, Kate I think
Helen annoys the socks off me too but so does Mia. I think it is to do with the actor's voice, it just grates on me. I can't stand Lee either. I sometimes wonder why I still listen, habit I guess Anyway I'm glad Rob is back it might liven things up a bit.
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I am not the only one then!

zebo, did you miss the going of Jennifer Aldridge, too?
Kate is back in all her me-me-me lines ;)

Pooka, hope you are gaining better health now :)
Thank you choux. I'm getting there slowly.
Question Author
Good news, Pooka :)

zebo, would it feel different to listen to Sunday's omnibus?

Best wishes to you both (())
Dan Archer, closely followed by Walter Gabriel :o)
I listened for a few years, but realised that almost all the characters really annoyed me!
Worst was that awful Welsh girl, Natasha I think.

The only ones I liked were Roy, Brian and Harrison.

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The Archers - Least Favourite Character?

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