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How Often Do You Watch Live Tv Compared To Watching On Streaming Services?

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construct1245 | 12:33 Wed 09th Aug 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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How Often Do You Watch Live TV compared to watching on streaming services?


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Never. Dont have a TV licence. Best thing I ever did.
Very rarely these days. I do catch up with University Challenge and Only Connect on iPlayer, and i also catch the Channel 4 News at 7pm while i'm eating my evening meal.

Sometimes, a friend of mine will recommend a series being shown on terrestrial tv that he thinks i might enjoy watching.

Other than the above and live sport, i can't recall a programme on terrestrial tv that i am interested enough in to follow.
Other than BBC Iplayer I avoid streaming as much as possible to avoid the adverts. Most programmes we are interested in we record on our PVRs and watch without ads.
I mostly watch things I have recorded so I can skip the ads. I watch a few things the streaming services but mainly I watch on SkyQ. Even if I do watch it live I tend to pause and bank some time to FF when the ad break comes on.
I watched the Hogmanay Ceilidh on BBC Alba, via BBC iPlayer, on New Year's Eve. I next watched the semi-final and final of the Eurovision Song Contest in May on Freeview. I've not watched any live TV since then and, although I subscribe to Now TV's Entertainment package, I can't recall watching any streamed services at all so far this year.
//I avoid streaming as much as possible to avoid the adverts.//

What streaming are you watching? Never any Ads on Amazon/Netflix (apart from a few trailers for other films that you can ship with the press of one button if you so wish)
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ymb - don't have netflix, Amazon only tennis as we don't like films. We just look for programmes we missed for some reason on ITV3, Ch4 and CH5. Too mean to pay to skip the ads.
I watch the news and a few dramas on live TV. But I can’t imagine finding anything to watch on the paid services anymore than on the normal channels.

Where do you start? It’s like walking into a library full of cheap novels and a handful of classics and trying to hunt for something decent. I can’t get my head round it.
Mostly for GB News Live.
Hardly turn the telly on these days. I watch Emmerdale on catch up on the laptop and racing on a Saturday afternoon if I am home and that's about it. My biggest problem is the dogs barking at dogs on adverts and in many programmes so I tend to avoid it. Had a chap call the other day to ask about my viewing habits for market research, and basically he pointed out I could save over £150 a year if I gave up the TV licence! I don't have any streaming stuff and since I stopped work where I used to watch all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff on an evening I really have no inclinication to even turn it on, whereas at one time it was on all the time in the background.
Jeremy Vine every morning. News and a couple of Soaps.
Half and half
Don't watch much TV apart from documentaries, live sport and music on Sky Arts. Trawl YouTube at times.

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How Often Do You Watch Live Tv Compared To Watching On Streaming Services?

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