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'Sanity' would involve gluing Steve Wright's big gob permanently shut, in my opinion!

I was absolutely delighted when he left his afternoon slot but I still can't listen to Radio 2 on a Sunday morning.
Douglas, I don't get it. What's the story? What's the question?
What’s the point ? :-)
We've inherited Ken Bruce. I don't like listening to him.
Always liked and laughed with Steve Wright Show. Also like Paul Gambaccini.
Good move by the Beeb.
Can we send Scott Mills back to Radio 1?
We could take Greg James in return.
I believe insanity is the word that should have been used. The new show is summed up in Steve Wright's own words" it will be the same and different at the same time." God forbid he will start singing along with the songs.
Boom Radio have a similar programme to Pick of the Pops, so I guess that's where I'll be listening from now on (can't recall day and time though). Shame really, Gambo did a good job.
Dreadful decision. Wright loves the sound of his own voice too much to not ruin the show.
Sadly Radio 2 lost its way years ago, round about the same time Steve Wright lost his.
Said it before, when Simon Mayo left I wasn't far behind him.
Only Tony Blackburn should do Pick Of The Pops.
Be very thankful you can hear radio. Lol. Not deaf lugs here

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A Rare Moment Of Sanity At The Beeb

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