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vulcan42 | 22:51 Fri 08th Sep 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Does anybody use the online TV Guide and if so has it changed? It used to be very good but now when you try to use it the listings move so quickly they can't be read and irrespective of the time it stops at 5am. There were several very useful aspects, channel numbers, the ability to check the previous week or the forthcoming week and by pressing the "now" button it moved to the correct place, all this has now gone. I have queried this directly via e mail but all I get are error messages.


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What online TV guide? There are many to choose from
Which online TV guide? There are lots of them!

On the rare occasions that I might want to watch TV, I use this one:

If you've only got Freeview, this one might meets your needs:

Then there's this:

. . . as well as this:

. . . and this:

. . . and plenty more!
Radio Times one seems OK with NOW facility working.
Question Author
I thought this would crop up, it's this one.
It's probably been 'improved' by someone who's paid to make 'improvements' and who would be out of a job if he/she failed to make them.

Much the same happened with the Radio Times website. At one time it was possible to store settings with one's favourite channels at the top of the list and with others further down. Then the site was 'improved' and that facility disappeared. More importantly though, to find out when a particular programme was coming up, all one had to do was to search for it by name. Now though such a search is likely to bring up loads of articles about the programme but absolutely no indication as to when one can actually watch it!

It's called "progress" :)
I like the Freeview one as it tells you which number the channels are on, but no good if you have Sky or Virgin, which I don't.
vulcan - yes, that's the one I use (or used to). It changed one day and I sent an email asking how I could get the original varsion. No reply to the email but the following day it changed back to the good one. A day or two later it went to the new version again so they seem to have decided the new version is wonderful.

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