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naomi24 | 17:13 Sat 16th Sep 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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I've not watched this for a long time.  Samey, noisy, and rife with people prone to screaching hysteria.  But .... I might give it another try tonight.  


Anyone else watching?



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Of course, wouldn't miss the sparkles and sequins for the world...(although the launch show is not normally the best)

I'll be watching,Naomi but it's just the programme where the 'celebs' are introduced to their partners (pre-recorded) so it will be v noisy. I'd advise you hold off for a week and watch the actual dancing live, I think you would enjoy it more

i'll tape it and zip through it later as i find the introductions boring

A "no" from me, naomi but I hope the fans enjoy it.

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I'm recording it too, Mally.  I record everything not only because it's more convenient to watch when I want to watch but also so that, like you, I can skip through the toshy bits.

I don't watch it now  ....  would rather listen to music.

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Just looked at my 'op'.  'Screaching'?  Where on earth did that come from?  Oh well ... never mind.  😂

Husband watches it, so I will catch bits of it. I recognise about half of the contestants. I hope Annabel Croft does well

I watched it though it's not my favourite show in the series. A few I'd like to do well this year. 

Yep love it. And it looks like a good line up this year, except Les Dennis. 

Who are these people?

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Well, that wasn't very successful.  I watched the first eight (I think) babbling on .... and I struggled.  Having finally lost the will to live, off it went.  I'll try again next week when they're dancing.

I watched it when it first began but was appalled by the way the judges were so unkind to the contestants. I've never watched it since. I know many of my friends think it's wonderful but I don't like it at all.

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