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Lucy Worsley...blitz Spirit

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pastafreak | 21:03 Wed 20th Sep 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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On BBC 2 now...

Lucy Worsley explores the lives of six real people who lived, worked and volunteered during the Blitz, highlighting the government’s reliance on ordinary people.



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I hope that the programme doesn't continue to perpetuate the myth that everyone pulled together during the Blitz, with hardly any crime.  The truth is that a great many people took advantage of the situation and crime figures absolutely rocketed.

we are at Sep 1940 - my mother was in the East End (Mile End Hospital) part of EMS - oops emergency medical service, which turned i.nto the NHS....

and took the more conventional view of... London can take it. By that time blast injuries rather than being torn limb from limb or burnt - wer ethe problem. And Lucy W has brushed on the East End being the main target - it was known that the buildings ( houses) were so badly built it didnt take much to blow the whole street up. ( a bomb from the Hun went much further ( more bang for your Reichsmark) in the east end


it's pouring outside and all I'm getting is random pixels at the moment. I imagine Lucy is wearing 1940s costume??

It was just after these events that it was decided that whenever a programme was made on any given subject it would have to have a name in the title or nobody would watch.


For example, Sri Lanka would be just another lump of rock without Alexander Armstrong to spraff at great length about this and that.



Gower street great white buildinng ( ULU building) is the Ministrhy of Information

and the basis of MiniTruth in 1984

yes she is, and using Mass Observation a lot ( to describe what people felt) and is short on what the Great and Good made of the info and what they decided

Another WWII myth I hear very often (due to my interests) concerns rationing.  So called experts show people the ration books and claim that is all people could eat in a week.  Utter nonsense. 

Britain and Germany managed to maintain food consumption per capita at about 3,000 calories throughout the war. In Japan consumption fell from a norm of 2,000 calories per capita before Pearl Harbor to 1,900 calories in 1944, plummeting to 1,680 calories by the war's end

starvation diet is around 800 - which is what that the concentration camp inmates got. POW's got more - I cant believe 2500

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Lucy Worsley...blitz Spirit

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