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Will The Real Poirot Please Stand Up

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naomi24 | 15:55 Thu 28th Sep 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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I tried watching Murder on the Orient Express with the excellent Kenneth Branagh as Poirot - but he just doesn't cut it.  He just felt 'wrong'.   David Suchet is a hard act to follow in that role.  I feel the same about Daniel Craig as Bond.   Sean Connery or Roger Moore he ain't.  


Which actors do you think have been entirely miscast in movies?



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Peter Ustinov as Poirot doesn't work for me. Agatha Christie describes Poiror as a dapper little man and Peter Ustinov isn't.

Not a movie but a TV programme.  When Darling Buds of May was shown originally,  I had just read the book and David Jason wasn't my idea of Pa Larkin.  I suppose it's quite subjective but I wouldn't have cast him.

Omg21 - agreed. I found Darling Buds difficult to watch having read all the books.

I'm alover of all things Rebus, but I can't watch the TV series with John Hannah. Rebus HAS to be played by Ken Stott, that's who I see/saw when I read the full series of books.

I think Joan Hickson is the perfect Miss Marple and Jeremy Brett the best Holmes.

I agree Captain2.

Difficulties in seeing a particular actor fit into a role might have as much to do with the screenplay and direction as with the casting. 

For example, I enjoyed Suchet's portrayal of Poirot far more in those episodes where the screenwriter and/or director opted for a lighter touch (e.g. in humorous encounters with Hastings and Miss Lemon) than where only mystery and darkness came to the fore.

Austin Trevor seemed to be doing an early audition for 'All 'Allo with his Belgian accent though ☺

Michael Caine as Holmes? 

Erm, I think not, somehow!

As far as Bond because he is the man of many faces all of them apart from Roger Moore worked - RM just ruined JB for me.

I have enjoyed KB as Poirot and like to think of him as a new generation Poirot.

Tom Cruise as Jack reacher - WRONG just to short and slight

Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross - too old


Roger Moore was my least favourite Bond.  I liked Branagh as Poirot, though Suchet was the best, while Peter Ustinov & Albert Finney were both dire in the role.  Imo, of course.

Question Author

I don't think Poirot can be 'new generation'.  The books describe him in great detail.  Branagh isn't Poirot by any stretch of the imagination.

I agree wholeheartedly with RH re Cruise as Reacher - ridiculous casting.

Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher! Hilarious!

oops should have read the thread! Well there is one thing I can agree with redhelen on!

For me Basil Rathbone will always be Sherlock Holmes but again I think it is what you are used too - I dislike Jeremy Brett as I had no happy memories of watching him unlike BR so I favour him

again we agree helen! I used to love the old SH flms with BR.

I couldn't watch the Jack Reacher films because of the silly casting.

barry the TV series on Netflix is much better. Err indoors likes it can't think why!

Henry Cavill would make an excellent James Bond in my opinion.

I always though Alan Ladd was too short to play Shane but TBF he did ok with it.

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Will The Real Poirot Please Stand Up

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