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What Is It Called In A Story/Film When The Characters Stand Around And Recap The Story (Lazy Writing)?

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flowernm66 | 22:18 Tue 17th Oct 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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I am currently watching a TV show that's very poorly written. Every episode there is a part where the characters stand around and kind of recap the story, what the threat is, what they're doing now and what they're going to do about it (The threat).
What is this writing 'technique' called? 
I always see it as lazy writing but the word for what it's actually called escapes me and it's been bugging me for days lol. 



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P.s I haven't put the shows name as it has a rather large fan base and im not looking to P anybody off lol



You're also supposed to 'show, not tell'.

'Rubbish' perhaps?

it makes sense to recap last week's episode for the benefit of those who haven't seen it. Magazine serials always used to do the same.

One of the Austin Powers films had Michael York playing a character called Basil Exposition, nd this was his specialty

Name that show

Some would say it's done for the americans, who have a short attention span, and need reminding what's going on. I wouldn't dream of saying such a thing.

The denouement?

All serial's episodes need such a "Story so far" kick-off for new viewers/readers.

It's not lazy, it's just for the more cerebrally challenged viewers. Programmes always used to have an epilogue where everything was revealed at the end (like in Scoobydoo). 

Its not really an new thing is it?

The great DOA 1950 was entirely in the recap mode with the narrator telling the story

Isn't called 'flashback'

I usually press the 'skip' button when that happens.

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What Is It Called In A Story/Film When The Characters Stand Around And Recap The Story (Lazy Writing)?

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