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Those Who Kill - Fao Ken Perhaps?

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bednobs | 13:48 Fri 20th Oct 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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hi, i saw you asked a q about this program before - have you wantched all 4 series?  I have been watching them on iplayer, and think they are great!

i am 2 into series 4 now, and sad that louise isnt in this one,but loving the new profiler



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Yes, bednobs, i've seen them all now. There are some real gems in the Nordic drama department. Used to hate watching anything with sub-titles but i've become quite adept at reading what's said while following the on-screen acticvities.

Oooo .... which channel?

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I've got this on the Sky planner, been there for ages but haven't got around to watching it. Will give it a go now.

Sorry bednobs - you said that in your OP.  

is it subtitles ?

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yes mally

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Those Who Kill - Fao Ken Perhaps?

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