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Nicole Scherzinger

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elliemay1 | 19:12 Mon 23rd Oct 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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What on earth is she wearing on the One Show tonight? Must be the ugliest outfit I've ever seen!



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Agreed. She also looks so false!

Ha ha, I've just called Mr L in to see her stupid dress.  I found her very affected and false.

Are we being ***?   Yes!!!  

She doggy!!

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Imagine if someone constructed that on the Sewing Bee competition, don't think they'd get through the first round!

Can you post a clip Ellie?

Looks like its been made from an old sheet.

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sorry, I don't know what happened there, forget that

Thank you The Winner.  A dress??  Looks like something which flew past the window in the recent storm!

I corrected elliemay's and it worked in a new window, but doesn't work in the Answerbank box.

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Thank you newmodarmy

The fashion sense of Sir Lewis may have rubbed off back in the day.

I thought she was one of those ethereal creatures that looks amazing in a bin bag.

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a bin bag would be preferable

I came in from the kitchen and saw it, shouted "what the @#$% is she wearing!" Even though i was on my own!!

maybe it was deliberate, so that everybody would now be talking about her, as she was on promoting her part in "some show". I'm not going to advertise it for her.

I think it's very eco-friendly of her to reuse potato sacks like that.

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Nicole Scherzinger

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