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The Crown Fails To Sparkle

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naomi24 | 14:16 Thu 16th Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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The first four episodes of the final series of Netflix's The Crown have been given the thumbs down by most critics.


The final season starts tonight on Netflix.  Will you watch?



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for all mankind also re-started this week, and all episodes of the new bosch series are available too.  Happy days.

I'll watch it as I don't really care what critics think, though I do wonder if it's going to come so far up to date that it could be a bit uncomfortable.

If you haven't already seen it, Bosch is good, Bednobs.

crown and di's death - is a re-imagining....

and some of them are pretty wild....

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I watched the first two episodes.  I'll watch on.

also meant to add slow horses is back at the end of the month!

and new series of reacher in december!

I didnt think it was too bad. Prince Chazza LOOKS like the real thing. Di overdoes her Di cutesy look - looking up with bowed head. Andie is a jerk but not yet a child molester, 

Chazza is made to say things like - "the monarchy  is a social construct and depenes solely on the approval of the tax paying subjects"

and the monarchy changes and adapts - and MUST do, if it is to survive

blimey fancy asking the queen because she is there, if you can leave the room and fetch a cuppa?

I thought Di as spectre was OK ( crits hated it) - 50% of Brits hear their dead relatives, but in that she was a little too independent.

I thought the Di and Dodi bit was OK - and a novel twist that the two were lying to each other. - and then Di lies to her kids... all part of having to sell a series to the world

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The Crown Fails To Sparkle

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