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The Chase....brilliant Tonight!

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ToraToraTora | 19:36 Wed 03rd Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Albert + Zoe what a team, win with 13, great pushbacks.



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This isn't interesting though. We want to know about the stupid answers.

^and just how hilarious they were...

So pleased they won. What lovely people they were. 

I think the chaser lost the game, rather than them winning.  I think he spent far too much time pondering over the questions .... obviously thinking he had plenty of time as he was only chasing down a target of 13 ..... oops.

Glad they won  :)

hi giz, happy new year

They won because they were up against Shaun Wallace - by far the worst Chaser.  That was the second time I've seen him fail to get 13; and twice I've seen him fail to get 14 in the final chase.  How he ever won Mastermind is a mystery.

They didn't 'win' it, Shaun Wallace 'lost' it.

I don't think they won it, I think Shaun let them, IMO.

Although not on today's show, there have been a few times when I've thought Shaun Wallace has given wrong answers intentionally - you can see it in his eyes.  Never felt this with any of the other Chasers.

I agree brainiac.

p.s. I read his book, "Chasing the dream", and it was absolutely FULL of mistakes. Probably the worst book for mistakes  I have EVER read.

So is nobody walking amongst us this time? ROFL.

Once in the final chase Shaun Wallace was asked 'which Belgian surrealist painter.....' and he answered 'Matisse'

If he seriously thought Matisse is a Belgian surrealist, he should have been fired immediately!

I think he let them win as well, although he is by far the worst Chaser.  

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The Chase....brilliant Tonight!

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