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Just For Fun! Name A Uk/British ………

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Smowball | 16:02 Thu 01st Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Name a UK/British detective/ mystery/ crime series - either current or old, still running or not seen for ages. There must be god knows how many! I'll start with a couple!





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Inspector Morse, Lewis, Endeavour


Frost,Dixon, Insp Dalgleish, the Bill, Z Cars,Fabian of the Yard, 

Rosemary and Thyme

Murder Bag

Question Author

Law and Order

No Hiding Place, Dragnet, Maigret

Happy Valley, Heartbeat

Hamish Macbeth


We mustn't miss out 'Randal & Hopkirk (Deceased)!  Also The Champions.

Thin Blue Line

Thanks Jourdain 

Ant & Dec - it's a crime that they ever appear on TV 😀  😀  😀  


I'm currently watching "The Persuaders" from the early 70s. Bit cheesy by today's standards but enjoyable.

Question Author

lol @ canary!

Sexton Blake.

Perry Mason

Question Author

Jonathon Creek

Of Course the daddy is the Sweeney. This made me laugh this week. The original line was "Who are you?"

"We're the Sweeney son and we haven't had our dinner..."

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Just For Fun! Name A Uk/British ………

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