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The Apprentice...2024....They Walk Among Us!

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ToraToraTora | 23:08 Thu 01st Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Crumble on Fishcakes! genius! and Lord S is going to give one of these geniuses £250k!

It's only part 1!



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This programme is about 10 years past its sell by date. You could swap this lot with the cast of love Island and neither set of viewers would notice

why do they have to make the food themselves

^ I agree but yet still I watch it. The crumble on fishcake just had to be 'staged'. 

Question Author

22:25 that confused me too, they were getting prices from the caterers at the start surely that shold heve included cooking and serving.

Strictly come apprentices get me out of here I'm a traitor.

That'd be a good show.

Haven't seen it yet, but lovr

Tomas' remark above Love Island!

It clearly remains a good catch for viewers. 

The more you can make them gloat at the stratospheric levels of arrogance and stupidity, the longer people will invest (did you see what I did there!), their time in watching. 

That's why that ludicrous team leader is still in, so people will watch for more of his horrible personality, and absence of self-awareness. 

Roll on next week.

The show should've been removed from existence as punishment for giving Katie Hopkins her start on the fame ladder.

A fair point well made. 

These programmes make 'celebrities" out of dross, which can only be a bad thing, remorselessly dumbing down levels of entertainment.

Canary - I am not a follower of 'celebrity' culture per se, but apart from one young lady who seemed to be famous for being photographed on beaches, and the appalling Katie Hopkins, about whom the less said the better, I'm not sure that anyone from The Apprentice has gone on to be known for anything, except their appearance in the series.

As always, I am open to correction. 

Anything that gives employment to grizzled, pointy dwarfs surely has to be a good thing.

Canary I agree.  The word celebrity has lost its meaning!

Prudie.  I consider that its all staged, but we still watch it too.  Mainly for amusement!

The early series were were very different.  Now I think it's based on looks, not brains.

I hate the apprentice and its obsessive fetishisation of "business"... the way it takes itself so seriously. i actually liked the american one better... it had more of a sense of humour about itself and the celebrities often proved quite capable. if only the host had stayed on reality tv where he belonged. 

Question Author

" Now I think it's based on looks, not brains." - have you seen some of the boats on them?

Untitled, but that was with Trump on the only one I watched and it was awful!

No I've not looked out for boats TT.  There was plenty of water but no boats.

The earlier series were in a different league with far more genuine capable people. James Max and Saira Khan of the first series have both gone on to bigger and better things, James particulalrly. The clip of them and the shopping channel wolf jacket is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV in my life. It makes me shake with laughter whenever I watch it.

I think the word 'celebrity' has evolved perfectly to be assigned to the people who proudly wear as a badge of honour.

A large collection of people who are 'famous for being famous'.

They produce nothing of the remotest value to anyone, but they generate masses of money, for the media who write endlessly about their vacuous nonsense, from falling out of taxis to putting out their dustbins.

They have evolved into a new breed - the 'influencer' who for some unfathomable reason, seem to be deemed as having important views about anything from cosmetics to clothes.

Writing about idiots like this makes me feel very old - this world is not one in which I live, or would remotely wish to.

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The Apprentice...2024....They Walk Among Us!

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