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Blindspot Tv Series

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barry1010 | 16:13 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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I know it was broadcast a while back but we've only just watched it.

We really enjoyed it, refreshing to have a newcomer play lead and the plot was different with a fab ending.

There were big holes in the plot, some scenes were a bit laughable but overall a good romp.

 A refresher

It did annoy us that the deaf chap could apparently lip read people who were stood behind him 




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Meant to ask your opinion of the series

Got fed up with it after 3 episodes, Barry. I thought it had promise with, as you say, a different plot, but the holes you also mention were far too frequent. I'll not be returning to it anytime soon.

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Blindspot Tv Series

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