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The Wheel.....what A Fix.....

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ToraToraTora | 12:15 Sun 25th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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So the black woman gets selected to win the dosh....Fails so they select another contestant. So determined are they that the black woman wins they select her again! Well they couldn't select her for a 3rd time could they? Could they? yep 3 times in a row! Random my April! Should have just given her the dosh without all the pretence.



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Oh you sceptic, you! 😀

Of course it's random. The TV companies have to be super careful these days since the scandal a few years ago when Blue Peter had to apologise on air for fixing things.

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It's a 26 to 1 chance.

I don't know how you even watch it, the trailers are bad enough!

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Err indoors likes it so I watch along.

Did you claim this one was a fix?


How can anyone watch that irritating man and that load of rubbish? 

Beyond Dispute are the independent adjudicators and are used on many other quiz shows.

"In studio, we have a team of lawyers who work as independent adjudicators to ensure that contestants are treated properly and that quiz and gameshows are made fairly and without any potential for complaints about fair play."

She has to be the most irritating contestant ever, gesticulating and pointing all the time🤬

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Even McIntyre was embarrassed, kept on saying "This has never happened before" - etc

He was wrong, it has

well, i dont claim to be a genius, but 1 in 26 chance doesnt seem that high to me.

the program has beenon for a few series, right?

I agree with smurfchops.  I've only seen a bit of it on Gogglebox - that was enough.  Dreadful.

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it's 1 in 27 or 26 to 1, you'd be pleased with a horse winning with those odds.

According to Wikipedia, this is the fourth series and including this latest series, thirty-eight episodes.

With a one in twenty-seven chance of the same contestant being chosen three times, random chance shows it would likely  happen at least once in thirty-eight programmes, wouldn't it?

1 in 27 doesnt seem outside the realms of possibiliy either tho

Even more pleased if it was a black horse? 🤣


it was maybe not the first time the same contestant had come back three times, but it was the first time that anyone had scooped the double pot money at the third attempt

I'm glad that I don't watch it.

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The Wheel.....what A Fix.....

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