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Which Tv Thrillers Are You Currently Watching?

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naomi24 | 16:45 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
42 Answers

Looking for recommendations we can get our teeth into.



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>>> When is Vera on and what channel please

Tonight at 8pm on ITV3 (Series 3) and Thursday at 8pm on ITV3 (Series 5).

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I just finished watching Reacher series 2 nowhere near as good as as series 1 but ok

Just caught up with Payback (ITV X) which i somehow managed to miss when it was aired in Oct last year. Man and wife run an accountacing agency  and when husband is murdered, wife founds out he has stolen a lot of money from the local Mr Big, a very nasty piece of work.

He threatens her and her young children if she does not help him retrieve the money. This she has to do whilst being the number one suspect in her husbands murder,

Not brilliant, but quite a decent watch.

I'm enjoying Trigger Point. Can't get Itvx very easily so I'm watching each week.  Just watched The Stepfather on Netflix - very scary.

Johnny, will you be watching series 3. I know for sure i won't. Having watched the first series, i couldn't quite make my mind up, but the 2nd outing proved to me that the lead is about as wooden as Sherwood Forest.

While many fans of the Reacher books criticised the casting of little Tom Cruise in the film versions, at least he can act a bit. The 'tv' Reacher is just a walking meat-head. His co-stars aren't much better either. In my most humble of opinions, of course.

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Hellywelly, is that scary in a thriller kind of way - or scary in a horror kind of way?

A bit of both Naomi! 

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Hellywelly, No supernatural stuff though ... ghosts popping up behind people, vampires, zombies ..... ?

 Just plain old terrifying 'it could happen in real life if you're really unlucky' kind of stuff?

I don't know if it's available on all the bewildering array of channels you all seem to get (we have only Netflix) but we have just run through the box (boxed?) set again after a few years gap, of Fargo a black comedy thriller, if you can find a way to watch it I highly recommend it.  

Agree with jth...Prisoner on BBC4 (and iPlayer). Gritty and realistic prison drama with out-of-prison sub-plots. Danish with subtitles...just started this weekend.

Just checked and discovered there are several seasons of Fargo, the one we watched is season 2 with the butcher & his scatty wife.

It's by the Coen Brothers and stars Ted Danson - the bartender from 'Cheers'. 

I've watched 4 of the 5 seasons of Fargo and agree with Khandro - they really are worth watching. Each series contains a different story, so there's no need to play catch up, but i would recommend beginning, well, at the beginning with Series 1😉

Ken, I'm going to order the lot!

ken I shall try and watch series 3 in the hope that they bring back Roscoe and Finlay and hopefully have a bit more action and less gore 

Thanx to all for the info on Vera


\\New episodes of the original Law and Order with an aging Jack McCoy. Tuesdays 9pm on 5 USA. Not bad but then I enjoyed the original series//


he does look very old

as to naomi, it's called 'multi-tasking', anne.....

For me, it's the Great British Menu - but, tonight is quiz night, Uni Challenge being my favourite...

Thanks for your input DTC, most helpful .

thanks anne, hope you are doing well - and plenty of AB thrillers to follow on here!

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