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Tonights Celebrity Chase ......Why....?

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ToraToraTora | 23:10 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Yinka Bokini, potentially stunning. Why does she and so many spoil their beauty with ugly tough stickers?



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What are, "tough stickers"?

Tatts, tramp stamps.

Thanks, not heard the term before.

Never heard of this 'celebrity'.

Tattoos on a lady is not attractive 

....and the lip piercing - ugh

Never heard of it, never want to.

I was more annoyed by all the passing in the final chase when there were half decent guesses to be had. 'In what century did blah de blah...?'


No! Just guess a century, please! There were many more

No idea who you're on about, and personally I agree, I'm not a big fan either, but I very much doubt if she gives a damn what you, I or anyone else thinks of them. If she's happy, that's all that matters.

Anti tattoos on anyone or just females?

Everyone has the right to defile their body.

Poor Yinka, to think that if she hadn't got those tattoos and piercings, she might have had a shot with the god that is TTT ...

I dislike body mutilation too; but there's no accounting for taste, and as long as society deems an individual is not harming themselves sufficiently to need to be taken into care, then it's their personal choice if they wish to mar their looks. Perhaps it is intended to warn others off ?

Question Author

I hate piercings and tough stickers on anyone. Make them look ugly. How do they eat or blow their nose with half a pound of metal stuck in their boat? They are trying to be "individual" and end up being the same, ugly. If you want to be different have none, then you are extremely rare.

There are more and more "celebrities" I've never seen, heard or heard of. The person in the OP is one of them & someone called RAYE is suddenly on all the front pages - who dat den?

Yinka Bokinni

One of the tattoos by her shoulder looks like she had a tattoo and she crossed it out by having a load of squiggles tattooed all over it.  Ugh.  

I hate tatoos  piercings etc on anybody but I think they look worse on women than men, especially when women are wearing feminine evening dresses etc.  Personally I think large tattoos make skin look dirty.  So basically I agree with you.  I find it difficult to converse with people who have facial piercings basically because just  the thought of tongues and  noses being pierced makes my knees wobble and I can't look at the person I am talking too  and that makes me feel rude.  I don't even like pierced ears probably  because I don't like earrings.  I did wear big plastic hoops in the 60s though - clipped on!  

But each to his/her own.  



I've never heard of Yinka but looked her up.  A very pretty girl.  

The piercings and tatts ruin her looks.

They certainly do.

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Tonights Celebrity Chase ......Why....?

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