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Ginormous Presenters

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smurfchops | 16:43 Mon 04th Mar 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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A Place in the Sun.  Jasmine Hartman and Danni Menzies make the house seekers look like someone out of Gullivers Travels..  They are so huge!  And Danni always wears high heels.  It looks ridiculous when they stand beside each other.  Anyone agree??



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I think it allows the house seekers to look up to them.

Unfortunately, you are making it sound as if they are overweight...when they just happen to be tall.

I'd not realised Danni was so tall...5'11"

I cannot understand househunting in high heels. Over cobbled streets, flights of stairs and even the beach!!!! Not practical at all.

Probably unlike you and I...they wear them all the time. 

The last time I even tried on shoes with heals is at least 6 years ago. I hate them...they don't mix with wobbly ankles.  

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No ginormous was the wrong word.  Amazons? 

Jasmine is 5'8

Goddesses both.

Danni has a very peculiar gait.  I'm sure Diane Morgan modelled Mandy on her, albeit exaggerated

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Ginormous Presenters

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