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Which Popular Programmes Have You Never Seen?

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naomi24 | 13:51 Thu 07th Mar 2024 | Film, Media & TV
54 Answers

For me, Emmerdale, Friends, Cheers.... and probably many more than escape my memory at the moment.



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Crikey, too many to mention.  In recent years Big Brother, Love Island, I'm a Celeb get....., Naked Attraction,  Breaking Bad, The Chase, Reacher, Star Trek

Question Author

I can add Love Island and Naked Attraction to my list.... but I don't consider those 'classics' - which is what I meant really.

Eastenders.  Friends.  Fraser.

That'll have to do for now but I think there's plenty more.

The Simpsons 

The Sopranos

Peaky Blinders

Mozz, watch them.  Two of the best series ever made.

Too many to list I think. I have friends who don't have a TV & don't watch on-line streaming. Quite unusual these days.

any of those stupid so-called reality or celeb shows including the ones like Naked Attraction...and a lot of the so-called elimination competitions - like The Great sewing B, The Great Bake-off and The Pottery Throw Down etc, and those caterwauling singing shows - and I include Europisson in that latter list.

Question Author

I can't get on with the Sopranos.  I've tried twice.  

Love Island,

Big Brother,


Peaky Blinders,

Game of Thrones


LB, neither pique my interest.


Or should that be "peak" my interest.

Breaking Bad is another. I just don't have the motivation to commit myself to a series of that length.

I haven't seen Sopranos, Bake Off, Properly Thrown Down...

I'll try most things once, so there won't be much i haven't watched, if only for a brief period. Cheers springs immediately to mind. Tried it, didn't like it, then it 'took off' and became this 'must watch' tv show. So tried it again - still didn't like it.

Most. But I never memorise their names.

I might try Peaky Blinders one day. My daughter insists that I should watch it! 😀

I have never watched those breakfast TV programmes 

You can add any baking or sewing programme to my list.  TOWIE, Love Island, Dickinson's Real Deal, Dress to Impress, Home & Away. Plus that lunchtime programme Loose Women with those 3 awful women on it.  And anything with Gloria Hunniford and the other two women that often appear with her.

Mozz, can you tell me which programmes you do like if Naomi doesn't mind please.

My list so far would be absolutely everything everyone else has listed - except Breaking Bad, Cheers and Friends. All 3 superb.

Game of thrones, Cheers, and The Sopranos 

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Which Popular Programmes Have You Never Seen?

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