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T W A U ... The Chase....todays Gem......part Deux!

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ToraToraTora | 19:22 Mon 25th Mar 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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One from the chaser this time.....

Q: Fondue fuel is another name for Methylated what?

A: Cheese!




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Yes heard that.. from a Chaser no less!  Mind you methylated cheese is quite tasty ... 

I heard that too and was surprised!

Sean needs to be put out to pasture ...

Sean Wallace is pathetic

That was funny.  What on earth was he thinking?

He must have misheard the question and just latched on to the 'fondue' bit.

He's utterly useless - all he knows is sport and the dates of the kings and queens of England.

As I mentioned in another post, recently while chasing only 13 he hesitated for 11 seconds (I watched on catch up to time it) then said 'pass.'     He lost - yet again.

And the question he hesitated on?

Which sign of the zodiac contains the letter V ?

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T W A U ... The Chase....todays Gem......part Deux!

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