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The Cuckoo Ch 5

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Prudie | 11:55 Sun 14th Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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I wasn't going to start a thread on this Ch 5 mini-drama from last week as I expected others to and I was a bit meh about the whole thing anyway. I am surprised no-one has mentioned it though, anyone else watch it, what did you think?



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I almost mentioned it a few days ago.  It was a bit disjointed but it held my interest.

We've watched 2 episodes. It's OK, keeps us watching as we want to know the outcome. CH.5 is usually predictable and corny in our humble opinion. I did read on line where it was mentioned, that the ending was quite a surprise..We'll see. 

quite predictable from the start  I thought, but was worth the watch anyway....

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Jill Halfpenny certainly has an onscreen presence, cant knock her performance. It did keep my interest enough to actually watch it at 9pm 4 nights running :-)

Yes, Jill Halfpenny is a good actress. Haven't see Claire Goose for ages.

I enjoyed it......Binge watched. Lee Ingleby is a favourite of mine, but the girl who played the daughter, i.m.h.o. needs a fair bit of tuition in acting.

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I agree faggy, she was also the least lovable character to me. Without spoiling the ending if she were my daughter I'd tell her to jog on.


It was all a bit far fetched.  Why didn't Jill Halfpenny have a job, where did she get that wad of money, she walked around that house as if she owned it.  How did she see so much through (was it the keyhole?)...  I could go on.  Watched it till the end then said to hubby "What a load of rubbish".  And the daughter would have been good in a horror film, she looked ill and half dead.  But we find most dramas are like this..  e.g. Coma.  Enjoyed Happy Valley though.  

Watched it.  Enjoyed it.  But still can't understand ending.  Who was it who opened the door in the final scene?   Didn't look at all like daughter.

It was "another" daughter ...also named Alice .... Jill halfpenny wasn't dead....

Thanks for that Roslyn

I got bored and gave up halfway through episode 2. A good cast but rather predictable 

I did enjoy it.  But what puzzled me is that the 'daughter' was 16 and the 'Mum' was supposed to have had her as a young teenager, so assuming it was 16 , that would make the Mum 32.  

Although Jill Halfpenny looks good for her age (48) I'm not sure she could pass as 32.

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The Cuckoo Ch 5

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