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Love Rat

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smurfchops | 22:25 Mon 15th Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Recorded it a while ago and just watched it.  Another four hours of my life wasted...  so ridiculous.



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We've recorded it but expecting a light, fluffy drama as it stars Neil Morrissey and Sally Lindsay, neither are heavyweight actors.

Hoping for a little escapism at the end of a tiring day

Escapism is about tight Barry - it is slightly barmy but I enjoyed it and Cyprus looked beautiful.   Suspend your disbelief and enjoy.

We enjoy her Madame Blanc series, which she wrote.  More lightweight fluff but nice scenery and we get to play Spot the ex-Corrie Actor and What The Heck Was He In?



Neil Morrisey owns a pub near me, he pops in occasionally.

Just watched the last of the series.  We had an idea what to expect from the production company responsible for Madame Blanc and Good Ship Murder and it was much the same.

A light hearted, cheaply made romp with nice scenery and no gritty, stomach churning scenes.

Perfect bed time viewing, not taxing on the brain and it was nice to see mad Moira from Corrie again.

As always with this company, we can play Spot the ex-Corrie actor.  It did remind me at times of poor Shelley being held hostage by Charlie Stubbs.

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Love Rat

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