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For The Love Of Dogs …

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naomi24 | 18:55 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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.... with Alison Hammond tonight 8pm ITV.  I'll watch - reluctantly really.  Got to give her a fair chance though.  Paul O'Grady is a hard act to follow.



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What did you think of it?

It just didn't seem the same - I was disappointed.  There seems to be more involvement with Battersea staff which, of course, is good but the show misses Paul O'Grady.  Sadly, I don't think Alison Hammond is right for the job.

Naomi hit the nail on the head - Paul O'grady is a hard act to follow [my italics].

If Alison doesn't make the grade then perhaps ITV will seek a replacment - or alternatively we may be pleasantly surprised later on as she develops her own style.

It could be a good thing to make it more about the staff and not the presenter. 

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She's not Paul but she didn't do badly at all.   I do think they chose particularly sympathetic cases for her to film with - a three week old puppy found in a dustbin and a dog that had to have its eye removed - all tugging at the heartstrings - but it gave her the opportunity to show she really is caring.  A little cynical perhaps on my part, but that's what I thought.  This role is something she needs to make her own - and the producers know that.  I think she has a very good chance of becoming the new television face of Battersea. 

Never liked Paul as Lily Savage but as soon as I saw how he was with the dogs at Battersea I quickly changed my mind.  

Alison?  Not sure yet but I think she did OK. She seemed to love the dogs.  Need to see her some more.  Her gleeming white massive teeth look false and they didn't used to be that bad.  Why of why do so many people do that?

I hope it continues and she does well.

It's impossible to follow some presenters, like when Wogan died. Whoever took over that slot ( I can't remember who it was ) had no chance, but the show must go on.

I thought she did quite a good job, no one is ever going to fill Paul's shoes, but those nails! Thought she was going to harm one or two of the dogs with those.

So her nails and teeth require attention ?  

A bit like some of the dogs no doubt 😁   😁   😁   😁   😁   

I'll admit that I'm one of those rare people that didn't regularly watch Paul O'Grady in this program, though I was familiar with it. Maybe for that reason I was more open to Alison Hammond...but only because I thought she did well on Bake-off. So, I was pleased with how she did.

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For The Love Of Dogs …

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