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Tv Detectives Male/Female Duo

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JAW67 | 20:03 Wed 15th May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Trying to find the title of a TV show which has a male and female detective team. I'm asking for my father in law, who only remembers that it is quite lighthearted. And their female boss, who has a beehive style haircut, takes all the credit and goes straight to the newspapers for self publicity. Not much to go on, sorry! Any help is appreciated. Thank you.



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My father in law thinks it's British and quite recent. But don't hold me to that! 

Agatha Raisin?

Not seen the Agatha Raisin on TV, but I've read a lot of the boks and it sounds just like her.

Question Author

That did cross our minds. Will put on list to ask fil. Thank you.

Shakespeare and Hathaway?

Dempsey and makepiece?

Jourdain, my wife loves the books and has watched the TV series but according to her tv Agatha is nothing like the book Agatha, so she watched it as a totally different series.  Daft, she says, but light enough for bed time viewing

I have a vague recollection of a brother and sister detective series. They had similar names posssibly starting with the same letter

McDonald and Dodds - quietly very good with the fabulous Jason Watkins as the clever crime solving but timid underling to his dominant but not so clever female boss.  She didn't have a beehive but did have her hair in a bun.  

I'm sure that's the series he meant.  I really enjoyed it, especially the train episode.  A bonus was that it was set in beautiful Bath

Question Author

Thank you for all the suggestions. Some good shows there! Will add to list and hopefully one will ring a bell.

He is watching Shakespeare and Hathaway at the moment, which triggered his memory of this other programme. 
Thanks again all. 

Jonathon Creek??

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Tv Detectives Male/Female Duo

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