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Britains Got Talent

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smurfchops | 18:16 Sun 26th May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Why are most of the acts from other countries?  And is it only me who cannot bear the "shocked" expressions of Amanda and Alesha?  So so false.  In fact cannot stand And and Dec either, what is the point of them?  If it wasn't for hubbie I would watch something else.  Anything.   Rant over.  



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Yes I know I have mentioned this awful programme in previous threads, I just had to let off steam ...

I think you know the answer 

Don't watch it.

I have an ingenious solution to programs I find annoying. I don't watch them.

I've never watched it. Moronic.

I can't bear any of those people. Luckily, husband is quite deaf and uses headphones, so I can turn the sound almost off and not hear any of the rubbish he watches.

Wouldn't watch it again if you paid me. Ant and Dec must be the highest paid stage doormen ever.

The programme has now become a caricature of its former self, with an attendent drop in its appeal.

Far more attention is given to the staged 'surprise' expressions from the judges, and additional time is alocated to Ant And Dec's pointless stage-side interjections and infantile clowning.

Also increased is the interjections from 'random' audience members, who just happen to have a microphone within distance to pick up their pearls of wisdom.

If anyone still likes the show, the best way is to record it, fast through all the bits mentioned, pass on anything to do with groups of children or animals, and watch the occasionally interesting act that may appear.

Question Author

That's what I do Andy, fast forward through it as quickly as possible.

Andy...a few weeks ago it was shown that various audience members are approached beforehand. 

I've been watching some of it for the first time in a good few years. There have been a few excellent acts...all from outside the UK. 

I hardly ever watch telly and, apart from watching a few YouTube video clips from the show, I've never seen BGT. 

However this link might be relevant here:

If they have been auditioning foreign acts from the first episode then they have been deceiving the viewers from the first episode. It's therefore clearly a fraud and should be found to be breaking some broadcasting rule or other. If it's allowed/ignored then it crashes any respect anyone may have had for the industry.

Shouldnt it be renamed? FGT, foreigners got talent! 

I agree there are too many foreign entrants ,they are very talented but why can't they go on the shows in their countries x

Maybe other countries have more pride in themselves when it comes to dealing with Simon Cowell and his travelling fakeshows.

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Britains Got Talent

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