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C5 - The D-Day Invasion: Battle On The Beaches.....

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ToraToraTora | 18:29 Mon 27th May 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Just watching this on C5 what an amazing documentary, I know a lot of it already and was reminded of many things too. This should be compulsory viewing in all schools instead of teaching them about 278 "genders" and the Woktra Sutra! The fact that the nouveau fascists can even do what they do is because of what they did against the original fascists back then.



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We were in France twenty years ago for the 60th anniversary and it was wonderful...bunting, flags, lots of people with their stories, many evening musical contributions. Totally unforgettable.

We sat in a cafe chatting to an elderly Canadian veteran, he was 90, a wonderful raconteur and just a genuinely lovely man.

I agree with TTT .History should be a main topic in schools like WW2 and the Conservative Party. History is very important and Todays children should be reminded of how we saved the country in the nineteen forties and the Cons almost destroyed it in the twenty forties.  Well done TTT.

Question Author

Surprised even you would sink to using this as a political foil though I do sense some sincerity there.

Oh Tora, did you read your own words before launching into Gulliver?

typical cynical and unnecessary remark from our member for Comecon.

Give it a break, G - many folk died in WW2, including D-Day and its campaign too, so as to ensure your freedom to make such asinine statements.

One thing to consider - Vlad Putain wouldn't give you this latitude if you were to set about writing such garbage against the Krem.

they would be better off learning the lessons of Dunkirk than D-Day. The lesson of D-Day is to get the Yanks onside, and I wouldn't bet on that happening again.

Question Author

Never miuss a chance eh jno. I bet those men that did it for poltroons like jno would wonder why they bothered. What a disgusting piece of work.

don't be silly. Any poltroon knows the importance of learning from your failures.

As for getting the Yanks onside: US casualties (killed, wounded, missing or captured) 8230; British: 2700

If you think you could have done that without the GIs, and Eisenhower, dream on.

Question Author

I don't think that but I don't need your disgusting anti British tripe. You seem to be able to turn anything into a negative attack on us.

Question Author

I mentioned D- Day I didn't segregate the many allies that did it.

what on earth is anti-British about remembering Dunkirk? My father in law's boat was there, so I'll remember it all I wish.

This isn't on C5 as far as I can see. Please can you check which channel it's on as I would like to watch it.

you need to segregate the allies, because the question is, if war should come again, do you think Trump will be rushing to help?

Question Author

it was on channel 5. Maybe not on the download list anywmore, I didn't watch it straight away.

Question Author

jno, start another post, I'm talking about 1945.

In the twenty forties gulliver? I've heard it said some people don't know what day it is, but not knowing what decade we're in is telling

I thought D-Day was in 1944?

I'm talking about 1945.

er, what? You're arriving on the beaches a year late; you should be safe by then.

But you're also talking about forcing the children of 2024 to watch the film. That's today, and that's what I'm talking about too.

Boom Boom TTT - AB can be a right minefield, even if you are a year late.

a bleak sun rises over Omaha beach... a weary squaddie struggles ashore, shouting "Where's the war, chaps?"

It's D-day plus 365, and Ike is waiting for him: "Thank God you made it here, I was starting to get worried!

"Just go east and follow the road signs to Berlin."

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C5 - The D-Day Invasion: Battle On The Beaches.....

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