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Have I Got News For You.....

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ToraToraTora | 14:55 Tue 11th Jun 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Has Carol Vorderperson's face been solidified somehow? It doesn't move.



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botox ?

"Timeless beauty" ie bits of plastic

... and cheek fillers (the 'hamster' look, apparently).

It's been weighed down by her enlarged bum

Davebro, i think someone may have accidentally mixed a few spoonfuls of cement in with the botox.

She laughed at all the jokes but it was obvious at times that she didn't quite 'get' some of them.


That's how Botox works, it paralyses the muscles, usually to prevent wrinkles. I am surprised at you calling her that though. Never had you down as woke.

"I have Botox and a lot of treatments to my face and neck. Everyone does."

Everyone?  I'm obviously missing out somewhere! 😊

bednobs, you have to remember the Remain line that women are spongers who should be deprived of healthcare until their life expectancy is the same as men's. So you can hardly expect to hear them called by their right names!

"part of the job" when you work in showbiz, Buenchico, which sadly is true. You'll probably need some when you're chosen for Love Island.

Question Author

jno: " you have to remember the Remain line " - what's the remain line? I voted brexit.


Reform line...

<gets dictionary out to underline a few words>

Question Author

I see nowt to do with me, I'm a card carrying Tory.

a person might get a contrary impression looking at your avatar

that's the botox for an elton candle in the wind.....

Question Author

21:00, I like Farage for his achievements and the fact he gets the 5C types pebble dashing their screens with organic peace porridge but I'll be voting Tory.

Ken - // She laughed at all the jokes but it was obvious at times that she didn't quite 'get' some of them. //

Carol Vorderman is one of the most humourless people on television, and well out of her depth on a show like this.

She has tbe foghorn laugh of the terminally unfunny, and she laughs when she thinks something is funny, the indication being that other people are laughing.

It was worse on Countdown, when she was paired with Richard Whitely, another one who wouldn't know humour it it jumped up and bit him.

They were a real pair together.

He was always trying to be funny, an uphill task when you don't know what humour is, and also given to nerves, which made him giggle a lot.

He was never sure if his 'joke' had hit the spot, so he would laugh with nerves.

She would hear him laughing, assume he had said something funny, and emit her foghorn laugh to play along.

He would hear her laugh, assume he had indeed been funny, not realising that she wouldn't know either way, and he would laugh some more.

She would think what he said must have been seriously funny, so she would fogorn some more, and on they went, like two blind men in the fog trying to find their way home from the pub.

She has got beautiful eyes though.

Such a pity she seems to feel the need to dress and make up to look like a Japanese sex robot.

Andy Hughes,my husband never looked at her eyes.😂😂😂😂

She was a frumpy plain woman who looked older than her years on Countdown.

I have not watched the program, but I’m willing to bet 10:1 that the reason for TTT’s post is primarily that she has provoked TTT’s ire by pointing out how corrupt the Tories are (am I right, or am I right?).

She can't even speak properly, she's had so much done to her face. 
And, Carol, put your boobs away, love. 

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