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Mark Durden-Smith - why?

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littleoldme | 00:36 Sun 05th Feb 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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I was watching the BBC's latest attempt to make the lottery draw interesting (maybe if I bought a ticket, I dunno...) and while watching three families desperately trying to win the star "prize" - a week in a house miles from anywhere, in February - I found myself wondering: is Mark Durden-Smith the least comfortable-looking gameshow host ever? Surely a gameshow host should have some charisma and at least be able to feign enthusiasm for what they're doing. MD-S looks like he'd rather be doing a spot of double-entry bookkeeping.

Also, is he some distant relation of Clive Anderson? They seem to have the same twitchy, stilted delivery and neither of them has a neck. Perhaps he IS Anderson in a toupe - have they ever been seen in the same room together?


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MD-S (MDF?) was a researcher for "Clive Anderson Talks Back" between 1993 and 1996.

A case of nepotism???
Mark Durden Smith, is'nt he Judith Chalmers son? I thought he was funny on Celebrity Jungle thing with TPT. I cant see the point of the lottery programme where the prize is staying in a house! I would rather have the money!
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He is indeed Judith Chalmers' son. Interesting that he used to research for Anderson - I guess he received tips on presenting style in lieu of a salary. :-)

From whatching the videos of the "winners" enjoying their weeks worth of millionaire lyfestyle i'm struck by just how similar it is to staying in Centre Parcs. I mean let's face it, a speed boat ride up the Thames ... hardly the preserve of the millionaire is it! and being waited on... I've been waited on at the Harvester down the road. It's clear that the BBC/Lottery has run out of cash to send people around the world so are faced with entertaining them in nothing more than a glorified country house hotel.

Did you notice how much the young blond lad contestant looked like MDS? They could have been brothers.Very short necks.
I don't like watching Mark Durden Smith - it just doesn't seem like he's a natural for presenting!

I am glad others think that he is awful.

I remember him on Rise on C4 (their terrible breakfast show a couple of years ago) and he was awful then.

With so many people wanting to get on TV how does someone like him keep getting show after show.

Open comment to TV companies: HE IS TERRIBLE. GET RID OF HIM.

I agree with you littleoldme, MD-S looks like a guy on the run from the police who expects them walk into the room at any minute. As for that dithering sweatball Clive Anderson,UGH.

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Mark Durden-Smith - why?

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