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top gear

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Poglet | 21:06 Sun 07th May 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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Its back, superb, not interested in cars at all but think Jeremy Clarkson, who is sooo totally to the right of right, is a hilarious, pig headed, male chauvinist, out dated unfashionable, smoking, drinking top bloke!


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Hi Poglet :o) Agree about Clarkson, but I love cars, and Top Gear. Have sky +'d it cos I've just put my son to bed, but am off now to watch it. happy days. Unfortunately though, it'll all be over again for the summer break.
I think the dog is fantastic!

what time was it on?????

i think i missed it!! for some reason i thought it was 9 but i bet it was 8!!

for f*cks sake i was looking forward to that!!!!

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rugeleyboy,check if its repeated cos you missed a belter. it was sooo funny. clarkson's given in and given up smoking at last! pllleeeassseee try and find out if its repeated cos it really was a blast and you will love it....
According to the listings I printed out from the BBC website, it's repeated tonight (Monday 8th) at 7 pm. was a good one as they had the new koeniggggggg. And Top Gear Dog is a star...I love labradoodles!
nice one SteveD,i will be watching that tonight!!
poglet, I'm exactly the same as you! Plus, Richard Hammond would so get it!

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