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Building Sites Bite

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Jamie Lewis | 17:41 Fri 02nd Jul 2004 | Film, Media & TV
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As a kid we used to have to watch a public information film at school called 'Building Sites Bite'. It was basically a film of a young boy getting killed in a variety of building site related 'accidents' as he goes onto the site looking for his dog. I can distinctly remember him getting run over by a rather large digger just leaving a shot on screen of a blooded shoe. Has anyone else seen this film and if so can you remember any of his other 'deaths'?


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I remember it, and remember finding it rather disturbing (which, I suppose, was the idea). He was also electrocuted when he tried to use some loose wires to swing on; he was suffocated when he climbed into a hole and the sides fell in; and he drowned when he fell from his raft into a lake.
i also had to watch one about the dangers on a farm where 10n friends died in a variety of gruesome ways (the drowning in the slurry pit still haunts me!). dunno why we had to see it - i live in a city! pippen was worse though (talking animals FREAK ME OUT) - so annoying! anyone remember him?

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Building Sites Bite

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