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Unprofessional reporting?

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littleoldme | 22:55 Wed 23rd Jul 2008 | Film, Media & TV
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So the Darwins have got their comeuppance and are starting lengthy jail terms for their fraud. Now, I have no sympathy for them whatsoever, but did anyone else watching the live coverage on Sky News today feel it was all just a little distasteful?

Anne Darwin's defence that she was a helpless little woman led astray by her domineering husband was torn apart, partly (by no means entirely) thanks to evidence given to the police by Sky. The reporter, Gerard Tubb, could hardly contain his glee and was practically hopping from one foot to the other outside the court building, repeatedly telling the audience how research that HE had carried out had led to Anne Darwin's downfall. Irrespective of what you may feel about the Darwins, is this acceptable behaviour for a supposedly professional journalist, or was I imagining it?

I was going to post this in the News section, but as it has more to do with the reporting of the news than the news itself, I've stuck it in Media & TV.


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Kill Someone with Drink Driving-3-4 year jail. Steal Money 6 and a half years. Where's the logic?!!!!
P.S. I have no sympathy with them either.!!
Jail is right as a deterrent message to others.
We all pay and are victims of this kind of fraud.
.... but the reporter sounds like an @r$e
Quarter of a million quid for six years - wish I could earn that sort of money!
Unsureme You've git it right,mate.
its their children i feel sorry for, i cant imagine how id feel if this was my parents. they deserve to go to jail for mental cruelty at least as much as the money.
i dont get it! the mother suddenly says im upping and leaving for panama, wouldnt that sound odd to you if your mother suddenly said that, spain, france or a typical expat place? and just how did her husband acquire the birth certificate for a john jones born in 1950 and now dead i think??

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Unprofessional reporting?

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